Charlie Beinlich’s Food and Tap

Restaurant Name: Charlie Beinlich’s Food and Tap
290 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL 60062

This American Bar and Grill is located off of Skokie Boulavard in Northbrook Illinois.

The parking lot was small and it was close to the entrance. There was simple handicap parking and it was a bit tight driving in and loading. We had to be especially careful of cars driving behind us. It was easy to access the curb cut as it was on the same level as sidewalk.

Entering and exiting the restaurant was challenging as there were no accessible doors. We had to go through two glass doors to get into the restaurant. Patrons entering and exiting were kind enough to hold the doors open for me. However, it was difficult to get over the threshold.

This restaurant is definitely old school which probably added to the restaurant’s charm and cosiness. However,  it was hard to move freely as the restaurant is very small and the tables were not suited for wheelchairs. You had to move very slowly and carefully to get around because you could either bump into patrons or staff. We visited during the lunch hour.

There were no printed menus. There was a large menu board behind the bar near the cashier. Reading the menu was doable as their specialty is burgers and fries and they also offer other items such as shrimp cocktail and wraps. We had burgers and fries and a wrap. It was very good and the portions were good size.

Navigating to and from the restroom was difficult. The restrooms were not well marked and were obstructed. The restrooms were small and not very accessible. There was a stall and there were obstructions. The restroom had enough space to get a person, an attendant and a wheelchair inside but it was difficult to maneuver.
The ambiance of the restaurant was busy when we visited at lunch hour. The lighting was low but it was okay. The noise level  could get uncomfortable. There were loud mechanical noises from the TV, blenders, etc.  Conversations were noticeable and you could catch what people were saying around you because the tables were so close to each other and people were entering and exiting the restaurant.
The service was good and the staff was friendly, kind and respectful to me. They were also patient with me and they helped me when I was leaving the restaurant. I would visit this cosy little restaurant again because I liked the burgers and fries, but I would go at another time when it is less busy and time is not a factor. If you plan on visiting this restaurant keep in mind that it is not really kid or family friendly and they only take cash.



[usrlist “Exterior Access:4” “Parking Lot:3” “Access Through Door:4” “Interior Access:3” “Seating for Wheelchairs:3” “Restroom Access:1” “Ambiance:4” “Staff Interaction:4” “Menu:2” “Food Quality:4” “Overall:3”]

Rise and Dine, Wheeling, Illinois

Rise and Dine is a breakfast and lunch restaurant in Wheeling, Illinois. The staff were very friendly and accomodating which made up for some short comings in terms of accessibility and an issue with the restroom.

There was simple handicapped parking that was close to the entrance and there was sufficient room for wheelchair loading. It was easy to access the curb cut. The path to the door was a little bumpy. There was sufficient room between the doors leading to an ample waiting area.
The restroom was well lit but it was difficult to navigate to the restroom. There was potential scalding risk in the bathroom which was marked but still could put people at risk.
The menu was cluttered, busy and had small print making it hard to read. However, the restaurant was willing to make substitutions with many vegetarian choices. The portions were very generous. They were very aware of food allergies and they were willing to wipe down surfaces to make the food preparation safe from food allergies. There were gluten free or casein free choices. The food was good. Their awareness of food allergies was impressive.
I visited near closing time so there were not many people. The noise level at this time was low and it was easy to hold a conversation. The restaurant had two levels and steps. The interior of the restaurant was accessible in one part of the dining room but not throughout, and the aisles in the restaurant were narrow. The table was able to easily accomodate my chair. I felt comfortable with the ambiance of the restaurant and the staff treated me well. I would likely return to eat here again.
Showing inaccessible side of restaurant
Rise and dine menu


“Exterior Access:4”

“Parking Lot:3”

“Access Through Door:4”

“Interior Access:3”

“Seating for Wheelchairs:3”

“Restroom Access:1”


“Staff Interaction:4”


“Food Quality:4”


102 S Milwaukee Ave, Wheeling, IL 60090
(847) 541-4900

Hours 6 am to 4 pm 7 days weekly.

Yelp rating was 4 stars

Urban Spoon rating was 4.5 stars


Himalayan Restaurant and Bar, Niles, Illinois

This restaurant is located across from Golf Mill shopping center in a strip mall. I just love the food here and have eaten here on several occasions.

There was simple and ample handicapped parking that was close to the entrance. There was room for wheelchair loading, and it was easy to access the curb cut. Getting through the front door was a little difficult making the turn from the outside to the inside door. The staff was willing to hold open the doors and were very friendly. The interior of the restaurant was accessible. The waiting area was quite small. The lighting is low and not very good. It was somewhat difficult to navigate to the bathroom and the hallway outside the bathroom was obstructed with baskets with paper table clothes and high chairs. The restrooms were well marked and well lit. There was ample room in the bathroom.

The noise level was comfortable and not hard to hear at your table. It was relaxing and the staff was very friendly and kind. The staff staff was respectful to me and welcoming.The menu had many photos of food available. There were many options for dietary restrictions available. There were vegetarian options available. The restaurant was willing to make substitutions and the food was excellent! The food was very fresh and generous portions. I will definitely come again to this restaurant.
I liked this restaurant very much and the food was great. The major draw back was the bathroom access and the lighting. Overall I give this restaurant 4 stars. It was very good.
“Exterior Access:4” “Parking Lot:4” “Access Through Door:3” “Interior Access:3” “Seating for Wheelchairs:3” “Restroom Access:2” “Ambiance:4” “Staff Interaction:4” “Menu:3” “Food Quality:4” “Overall:3”

Niles, IL 60714

(847) 324-4150
Hours 1130 am to 230 pm for lunch buffet
Dinner hours 5pm to 10 pm
Yelp rating is 4 stars

Niles Grill, Niles, Illinois

Niles Grill is a diner located on Milwaukee avenue in Niles, Illinois. It is open for breakfast and lunch and has an old fashioned feel to it. Street access was easy. There was a lot of handicapped parking. The parking was close to the entrance. There was sufficient room for wheelchair loading. It was easy to access the curb cut.

Getting through front doors to the restaurant was hard. The doors were heavy and not easy to push or pull, and the opening through the doors was narrow. However, the staff was willing to assist as needed.

The booths or tables were not suited for wheelchairs which made it hard to sit and enjoy the meal.

The bathroom was difficult to access but it was clearly marked. It was difficult to navigate to the restroom.The restroom was well lit. The restroom was difficult to enter or exit. There was a single restroom and there were obstructions in the restroom. The restroom was small and not very accessible.

There was a comfortable noise level and easy to hold a conversation. The staff was respectful to me and accomodating to my needs. The menu was easy to read, uncluttered with good contrast making it easy to read.There were few or no pictures on the menu but there were not special dietary options available, but the staff was willing to make substitutions. The portions were generous. I may return to this restaurant.

[usrlist “Exterior Access:4” “Parking Lot:3” “Access Through Door:2” “Interior Access:2” “Seating for Wheelchairs:1” “Restroom Access:2” “Ambiance:3” “Staff Interaction:4” “Menu:3” “Food Quality:3” “Overall:3”]

Address 9206 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 60714

Phone: 847-834-3625
Hours: 6:30 am to 4 pm 7 days per week
Yelp rating is 3.5 stars
Urban Spoon rating is 5 stars

Buffalo Restaurant, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

I went to Buffalo Restaurant on July 31, 2014. Overall the experience was mixed. There was insufficient handicap parking. We had to park at some distance from the entrance. It was difficult to navigate the curb cut as it was raised and cracked.

It was easy to enter through the door but a potted plant kept the entrance door from opening all the way. There was sufficient room between the exterior and interior doors. The staff was willing to help opening the doors.

The lighting was good. The aisles in the restaurant were small and narrow. The seating was hard to get to access. I had to walk all around to get to the one not very accessible table. The interior access was a major problem.

The bathroom shares a hallway with the kitchen access that could present difficulty if staff were to run into a patron. The men’s room floor was slightly sloped, which was unexpected. The restroom was well lit.

There were loud conversations. There were sounds of blenders going on while I was there. I found those sounds to be difficult.

The staff were friendly, positive and patient. I found the staff to be respectful. The menu was ok to read with limited pictures. There were limited dietary restricted choices with gluten free choices. The food quality was ordinary but the portions were generous. I had the Popeye Salad and liked it. The food was prepared as ordered. I will likely not return to this restaurant as it was largely inaccessible. Overall I give it 3 stars.

[usrlist “Exterior Access:3” “Parking Lot:2” “Access Through Door:3” “Interior Access:1” “Seating for Wheelchairs:1” “Restroom Access:3” “Ambiance:4” “Staff Interaction:4” “Menu:3” “Food Quality:3” “Overall:3”]

Menu page from Buffalo Restaurant


Buffalo Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor

1180 W. Lake Cook Road

Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089


Hours 6am – 12 am

Yelp rated it 3.5 stars

Tripadvisor rated it 3.5 stars

Tuscany Restaurant, Wheeling, Illinois

I went to Tuscany on July 27, 2014. I had a great time! The staff at the restaurant were very friendly and welcoming towards me. The staff spoke clearly and respectfully. The service was great and they were on top of our needs.

The lighting was good. It was easy to read the menu although there were no pictures to help. There were some menu choices for most common dietary restrictions.  It was easy to get around inside and into the restaurant It was very quiet and easy to have conversations.

I had the minestrone soup and the eggplant parmigiana and tasted pasta from other people. The food was excellent and prepared just right. I felt very comfortable and relaxed at this restaurant and it was easy getting my chair to the table and under the table.

The ambiance of the restaurant was very friendly and nice.  It was little crowded getting to the bathroom but not bad. The bathroom was accessible but a waste basket in the restroom could have caused a fall.

Overall, I give the restaurant 5 stars because of the great ambiance, friendly staff and easy access into and around the restaurant.

[usrlist “Exterior Access:5” “Parking Lot:5” “Access Through Door:5” “Interior Access:5” “Seating for Wheelchairs:5” “Restroom Access:3” “Ambiance:5” “Staff Interaction:5” “Menu:3” “Food Quality:5” “Overall:5”]

Tuscany interior

Tuscany Wheeling

550 S Milwaukee Ave, Wheeling, IL 60090

Phone:(847) 465-9988

Hours: 4 pm to 11 pm

TGIF, Wheeling, Illinois

I went to TGIF on July 24, 2014 and had an ok time but cannot recommend it for people with disabilities. It was dark to the point of presenting a hazard to getting around and accessing the bathroom. There was ample and close parking for people with disabilities but the sidewalk was slanted in a way that made it hard to walk and roll my wheelchair. The entrance way was shaped in a way to make it hard to access the interior door after entering the exterior door. It was loud even though it was not very crowded that night which could also present a challenge to having a nice time.

The food was good and the menu was very accessible with lots of options and pictures of food to assist making choices. There were options for some dietary needs.

However, the server was impatient waiting for me to order. When it came time to order she took everyone’s order and had to be prompted to take my order. I did not feel welcome at all and she seemed annoyed at having a person with a disability at her table. I would not go back.

[usrlist “Exterior Access:2” “Parking Lot:2” “Access Through Door:2” “Interior Access:3” “Seating for Wheelchairs:3” “Restroom Access:1” “Ambiance:1” “Staff Interaction:1” “Menu:3” “Food Quality:3” “Overall:2”]

Below: dark interior


Yelp rated it 3.5 stars

Urbanspoon rated it 4.5 stars