Criteria and Disclaimer

One of the hallmarks of this site is that instead of giving vague, and totally subjective reviews, each review will apply specific criteria. I am responsible for all reviews so that there will be consistency from one review to the next, and each review will be firsthand from me, Cole I. Fox. However, I will provide, where available, ratings from other sites for purposes of comparison even though crowd-sourced and not from the perspective of a person with a disability. I will provide allergen information if available. WebMD has provided allergen safety guidelines for eating out.

The ratings for each criteria are totaled to arrive at the star rating for each category. The overall star rating reflects the grand total of the criteria categories being considered.

The criteria categories are as follows:

Exterior Access

Parking Lot

Access Through Door

Interior Access

Seating for Wheelchairs

Restroom Access


Staff Interaction


Food Quality

Dietary restrictions

A 5 star rating totals all of these criteria–41-50

A 4 star rating totals all of these criteria—30-40

A 3 star rating totals all of these criteria—19-29

A 2 star rating totals all of these criteria—9-18

A 1 star rating totals all of these criteria—1-8

Nothing in these ratings is meant to encourage a lawsuit for ADA violations and I am not able to comment on the law. It is my purpose to be an advocate for better service, better treatment and a better experience when a person with disabilities goes out for entertainment or to a restaurant. Obviously, not all entertainment venues will have menus or serve food so the ratings will be adjusted accordingly and the changes will be noted.