Charlie Beinlich’s Food and Tap

Restaurant Name: Charlie Beinlich’s Food and Tap
290 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL 60062

This American Bar and Grill is located off of Skokie Boulavard in Northbrook Illinois.

The parking lot was small and it was close to the entrance. There was simple handicap parking and it was a bit tight driving in and loading. We had to be especially careful of cars driving behind us. It was easy to access the curb cut as it was on the same level as sidewalk.

Entering and exiting the restaurant was challenging as there were no accessible doors. We had to go through two glass doors to get into the restaurant. Patrons entering and exiting were kind enough to hold the doors open for me. However, it was difficult to get over the threshold.

This restaurant is definitely old school which probably added to the restaurant’s charm and cosiness. However,  it was hard to move freely as the restaurant is very small and the tables were not suited for wheelchairs. You had to move very slowly and carefully to get around because you could either bump into patrons or staff. We visited during the lunch hour.

There were no printed menus. There was a large menu board behind the bar near the cashier. Reading the menu was doable as their specialty is burgers and fries and they also offer other items such as shrimp cocktail and wraps. We had burgers and fries and a wrap. It was very good and the portions were good size.

Navigating to and from the restroom was difficult. The restrooms were not well marked and were obstructed. The restrooms were small and not very accessible. There was a stall and there were obstructions. The restroom had enough space to get a person, an attendant and a wheelchair inside but it was difficult to maneuver.
The ambiance of the restaurant was busy when we visited at lunch hour. The lighting was low but it was okay. The noise level  could get uncomfortable. There were loud mechanical noises from the TV, blenders, etc.  Conversations were noticeable and you could catch what people were saying around you because the tables were so close to each other and people were entering and exiting the restaurant.
The service was good and the staff was friendly, kind and respectful to me. They were also patient with me and they helped me when I was leaving the restaurant. I would visit this cosy little restaurant again because I liked the burgers and fries, but I would go at another time when it is less busy and time is not a factor. If you plan on visiting this restaurant keep in mind that it is not really kid or family friendly and they only take cash.



[usrlist “Exterior Access:4” “Parking Lot:3” “Access Through Door:4” “Interior Access:3” “Seating for Wheelchairs:3” “Restroom Access:1” “Ambiance:4” “Staff Interaction:4” “Menu:2” “Food Quality:4” “Overall:3”]