About Me

The Vision of Go Somewhere is to provide people with disabilities information to enjoy going out.

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I am a young adult with a disability and the anthem for my life is “Go somewhere!” The photograph above is me “going somewhere” at Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan with my best companion, Chili. One of the hardest things about being disabled is being stuck in the house. The most fun and important times of my life have been spent being out with my family, classmates, social groups or with friends. Go-somewhere.org is a celebration of the importance of going out and enjoying life.

These reviews will capture that spirit that animates my life to not only go somewhere, but to go places that are accessible, welcoming, dignified and fun. As a person with a disability I expect nothing less from the places that I go.  I expect that I will be welcomed and valued as a patron, the same as any other person. Unfortunately, there are some places that meet that standard better than others. I intend to provide reliable and firsthand information so you will know which places meet the standard that a person with a disability has a right to expect.

We Value: Dignity, Enjoyment, Fun, Inspiration, Service

Join my Adventure.

Cole I. Fox